Thursday, 17 September 2009

Who ya gonna call?

Nope, not ghostbusters....the man with the mini-digger and augur!

When it's a choice between weekends of shovelling and then wheel arrowing uphill, and hacking away at matted garden beds and digging holes OR getting a man with a machine to do it all for you in 4 hours...well, it's obvious which choice we made :) . And this time the augur only hit one water pipe!

The "snake paradise" of matted vine and rosebushes and shrubs was not long for this world....
Now it's a citrus grove (2 oranges and 2 more lemons to be planted - to go with the lemon and lime we already have), and either this year or next I will plant some camellia sinensis to try my hand at tea making!

While you're here Jim, could you move the soil from the circle bed?
A bit of soil in each tree hole, and the rest down by the chicken run to make the chicken food beds, and a few scoops by the bike shed for another bed. Et voila! We're back to the compacted clay base for the pool the original owners had on the spot. We've decided that it's no good for growing, so this will be the outdoor kitchen and eating area (solar oven & solar dryer this year, cob oven next year!).

Speaking of moving soil........
The digger was small enough to get into the yard on the other side and move many loads of soil and compost to fill the new wooden beds Jerry made over the last few weeks. MUCH quicker than barrowing. Jerry's even filled one of the beds already!

All in all, a good day's fact I think we will have the weekend off!


Chris said...

It's nice to have those days when everything goes much faster than it normally would. I can sympathise with the wheelbarrowing exercise, LOL.

Lots of green grass you have there. Looks great!

Tully said...

I'm a 'call the man' kinda girl too Margo.

Margo said...

Chris we're loving the grass this year. Jerry is so excited he's been able to mow 3 times in the last 6 weeks. We are making the most of it though as in 3 months it will be brown.

You're my kinda woman Tully!

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