Wednesday, 9 September 2009

ooooooh aaar cheddar (with a Somerset accent)

Here it is, the last bit of my first organic farmhouse cheddar. Nearly forgot to take a picture!

There was a lot of liquid under the wax, but the cheese seems fine. It has a strong cheddarlike flavour, and a crumbly texture. In all not bad for my first cheese (although it's the second one I've eaten, as the Caerphilly was ready first).

Overall verdict, not bad. Of the two hard cheeses I've made and tried so far I think the Caerphilly was my favourite. Although my all time favourite is still the goats milk fetta I made a month or so ago.

And yes mama-in-law I will be making more cheddar for your visit  :)


Gavin said...

Nice looking Cheddar Margo. I like Caerphilly as well. In fact everyone at my house does. So including you, I now know of 10 Caerphilly lovers!


Margo said...

Thanks Gav. I think next time I'll go the 'full' cheddar rather than the cheaty farmhouse version. If I want fast cheese it's Caerphilly every time.

Aussiemade said...

Oh I am going to have to get some goats in the of my dreams is to have some milk for cheese making. Well done!

Between you and Gavin I am so so...cheesy//lol

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