Monday, 21 September 2009

Monday's harvest

Yep, the purple sprouting broccoli has gone mad - from zero to 500g in 3 days. I'm thinking a broccoli and bacon quiche might solve a few lunch dilemmas for the week.

I have never had much success freezing broccoli so I'd rather eat it or make something with it. Fortunately the weather will be cooler and maybe raining (YAY!) over the next few days so it might not bolt as quickly as my other greens.


Aussiemade said...

Congratulations my broccoli is not doing a lot, definitely planted it to late. Gardening is such a learning curve. yours looks great, enjoy eating it!

mountainwildlife said...

Crikey thats a quick harvest! I've given up on brassicas this year, they just don't like growing here. I just get a few leaves and ... thats it!

Enjoy the veg of your labour!

imack said...

M&J, You inspired me to set up a blog of living after not 'working for the man'. See and specifically

Today’s Blog
The Good Life Down Under: The continuing adventures of Margo and Jerry.

I discovered this when searching for tomato preserving recipes. Well worth a look. Margo and Jerry are farming in Victoria and their adventures are instructional.

I have since abandoned the idea of making tomato concentrate – the USDA recommend ‘pressure canning’ whereas I thought our old Vacola boiling water equipment would suffice. Too risky and the highly recommended Presto pressure canner is $350 – that’s a lot of spaghetti sauce from Aldi. The only other product we would make is soup and Woolworth’s have excellent Thai Red curry soup for two, at $3.50. Home preservation lost its attraction.

Margo and Jerry carry on undaunted at

Margo said...

thanks imack! I'm always amazed that anyone but my nearest and dearest stop by to read :) I'm surprised byt the USDA recommendations. Myself (and all I know) usually use fowlers or waterbath for tomatos and tomato puree. It's safe as tomatoes are high acid - the extra precaution is to add some citric acid as commercial and newer tomatoes can be a bit variable in the acid level. I made tomato puree using my crokpot last year and it's great! I'd encourage you to give it a go and use your waterbath. The main thing is to make sure the jars are covered with water in the bath.

BTW love your photos!

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