Friday, 4 September 2009

Early spring walk through the gardens

It was a lovely morning, so I got out into the garden to work on filling up some new beds with soil and compost. And I took a few snaps...
The green manure (L) and brassicas (R) are coming along
Garlic and rocket (L), and turnips and broad beans  (R)
A couple of veg garden views

Been getting some beds ready for planting once it's safe (ie the chickens can be locked up in their new coop and run!) and the plum tree clearly survived transplantation!
A few more views
The greenhouse is playing host to frost sensitive seedlings and plants, as well as the strawberries that I'm DETERMINED the millipedes won't enjoy this year!

Jerry has also been busy in the last few weeks making me some new beds in the permablitz garden. The no-dig didn't work that well as the soil here is REALLY rubbish (ie total clay and building rubble!). It looks really good now  - but it will be a lot of wheelbarrow loads of soil and compost to fill those big ones!!!!!!

I'm glad I got out into the garden early - by 11am it was cloudy and about 5 degrees cooler, and by 2pm it was raining and windy!


mountainwildlife said...

Holy cow! thats some production you've got there! Are you self sufficient in veg?
Looks fantastic (and wonderfully healthy!)


Tully said...

Looks fabbo Margo, beautiful!
Your greenhouse is pretty flash eh?!

Margo said...

@mountainwildlife - I wish!! We have grown all the tomatoes and berries we need for a whole year each of the past two years, but there are some things I'm still trying to get right...corn, pumpkin and potatoes that I can store are on the list for this year! Thanks for dropping by

@ Tully...looks can be deceiving! It's not bad, but if we had our time again I think we'd do things a bit differently. This year I got lazy and didn't put in extra bubble-wrap insulation so it got down to 0 in there (we don't heat it artificially)

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