Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Mud brick repairs - my kinda DIY!

Today it was time for some DIY repairs to the mud brick. There were a lot of cracks in places, but with the prolonged dry spell bits of the wall had started falling out, so it was time to replace them.

It's easy, and no special tools are required!

1) pick out all the bits of the wall that are about to fall out

2) spray with a bit of water to moisten area that you will be refilling

3) make mud - pound up some leftover mud bricks with a log - add water until nice and "muddy" - but not too wet. If you have kids I'm sure they would LOVE to help with this bit

4) put mud in a bucket and pick up trowel

5) slap (yes, that IS a technical DIY term) the mud into the holes and cracks until filled in - smoothing is optional, depending on how "rustic" your walls are. Ours are VERY rustic. This hole actually took a cereal bowl full of mud to fill!

6) admire your handiwork!!

In a few days when this mud is dry I will go over with another thinner layer with some boncrete added for extra durability.

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