Tuesday, 8 April 2008

April Garden

I've been working on a few autumn vege patch chores.

Last week I pulled up about 13 tomato plants from the fruit cage beds, and yesterday I added some mushroom compost to these areas to build them up again. I also planted a few broadbeans, and some snow peas and other podded pea varieties. I'll add a few more plants as the autumn progresses, but most of these beds will probably stay covered in straw until spring.

Still haven't had a frost, and the courgette just keeps on going - that's all the one plant you can see in the corner of the left hand photo! The first batch of turnips and broccoli are coming along well too.

The first batch of snow peas I planted last month are starting to flower.

I'm still picking tomatoes from the other two tomato beds, but the millipedes are starting to rampage so it might be time to pull them up and make more green tomato chutney very soon!

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