Sunday, 27 March 2011

Been busy

and this will give you an idea why - 175 kg of produce so far this year, not including leafy greens and herbs

The apples are all from the tree that the parrots normally eat bare, but there were so many this year we actually have a few! I've been working the steam juicer overtime making a range of apple jellies. Apple and mint, apple and ginger, and apple, ginger and chilli - using home grown thai chilli powder. It's hot but lovely. Made 8 jars of that yesterday, along with 6 smallish jars of apple purée plus 4 jars of roasted tomato purée. The pantry is starting to really fill up now!

Basic Apple Jelly Recipe
Once you have your juice (either via steam juicer or the normal cook with some water then strain through muslin overnight method - or even bought pure juice) add 450g sugar to every 600ml juice. I also added in a 7-8cm piece of ginger (grated), and a sprinke of chilli powder. Other alternatives are just ginger, or mint (add in near the end of boiling time) or even just plain apple. Stir over a low heat until sugar is fully disolved, then boil rapidly until setting point is reached, pour into jars and seal via your preferred method and seal.

Last but not least we got our first double yolker a week or so ago - from a massive 88g egg!
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