Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Normal-ish service will resume soon!

Back from our outrageously long holiday, having had a lovely time catching up with friends and family in Europe. The grass was knee high apparently (THANK YOU to the lovely neighbour that mowed our acre (!!) of grass down to walkable height before we returned) and I almost couldn't find the veg patch under the overgrowth. Time for a radical redesign I think!!

In the meantime, here are some highlights from my week in Paris.

All good breakfasts should involve chocolate.
Goat cheese and bacon "bruscetta" - french style at a cafe just near the Theatre de La Gaite, and fabulous pea patties with a fennel and grapefruit and a beetroot and quinoa salad at Merci (fabulous place with a heart).

After lunches out this is the ideal dinner - baguette, cheese, cheese, more cheese, and some salad for balance (oh, and wine, of course).
Technically not Paris - a fabulous duck salad (breast and gizzard) followed by strawberry tiramisu (delish) on a day trip to Lille. Added bonus for this lunch was the excellent cello player busking about 2m away on the footpath. The other dessert is pain perdu (forgotten bread / french toast) with salt caramel ice cream.
Duck pate and goose pate with champagne jelly, strawberry chutney (must try and make some) and balsamic reduction. Followed by the most expensive chocolate eclair EVER (with gold dust). It was amazing, and I never need to eat another eclair again because it will never be that good. My waistline will be grateful!
 Coffee and macaroons at the Grand daaaahlings...and some of the best frozen yoghurt and blackcurrant icecream ever
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