Sunday, 6 September 2009

The sun's out - no time to rest

An unexpectedly sunny day, and a garden free of scratching chickens meant it was time to get on with some new garden plans.

Plant up some lobelias, and got started on the herb and medicinal flower garden (spearmint in the tub, pyrethrum and prostrate thyme at the front).

Planted out some mustard leaf, and admired the asparagus..
Jerry wasn't being idle either - this morning he helped our mate Dave take out the bathtub. Water had been getting behind the shower end and the frame had rotten, causing the bath to sink further, causing more water to get the idea
We even found the base of the old shower ... quick call Time Team for the excavation  LOL

Then after lunch he continued making up new garden beds
After all that work there was just time to pick a few bits for tonight's roast - including one of 3 parsnips I managed to grow from a whole packet of seeds!!!

Now I just have to clean all the floors and tidy the kitchen. By then I'm SURE it will be wine o'clock  :) Have a good week everyone

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