Thursday, 7 May 2009

And now for something completely different

In the last 6 months or so I have become strangely obsessed.

With knitting.

...pause whilst those that know me well compose themselves after rolling about on the floor laughing hysterically...

Better now? Can I move on? Good.

Right, where was I ... oh yes, knitting. Last year it was a knitted Christmas all round with hats, fingerless gloves, scarfs and lapghans all around. Not to mention the knitted dishcloths, face washers and kitchen fingertip towels.

This year, however, it's time to make something for me. So I've made a poncho/ wrap (still needs to be sewn up), and a matching basic beanie style hat and a pair of fingerless gloves. I will be the style queen of my little town LOL. If you are VERY good I may post a pic of me wearing the entire ensemble. After all, we all need a good laugh now and then.

I think this beanie needs a pompom...or maybe even a few pompoms - what do you think?

1 comment:

E said...

yep, go the pom poms - at leat 6!!

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