Saturday, 9 May 2009

Tomato Tally

The last of the tomatoes have been harvested, so I can give you the final tally
  • 45 kg ripe tomatoes
  • 5 kg green tomatoes
So, 50kg of tomatoes. Not bad really. Just taking the ripe ones organic tomatoes are about $5 per kg - that's about $225 worth of tomatoes for an outlay of about $15 in seed and maybe the same again in potting/ seed raising mix.

Most of the ripe tomatoes have been bottled, and a few have been dried, and of course we ate quite a few fresh. That's the tomatoes taken care of for the rest of the year.

The green ones I have made into chutney, and a spicy green tomato sauce.

The eggplants and the peppers are still hanging in there, but I will have to pick them soon as I don't think there is much more growing to be done.


Anonymous said...

50Kg. Thats incredible!

My tomatoes totally failed this year due to fruit fly - but taught me a valuable lesson - to nurture my soil more. So i've since been focusing on nurturing my garden rather than exploiting it.

Hopefully next year i'll get even a 5th of your 50kG!

Margo said...

Hi littleecofootprints,

You are so right about soil. I learned the hard way about soil neglect this year so it's green manure and organic matter over winter for most of our beds!

Thanks for dropping by

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