Saturday, 23 May 2009

Late Autumn in the veg patch

I love this time of year - crisp mornings and gorgeous days in the high teens / low 20s. After a busy morning I spent a few hours pottering in the garden. Here's the latest pics of our autumn veg patch.

The onion and garlic bed is storming along (L), and we have a good crop of rocket, plus silverbeet and more garlic in another bed (R). In fact I've got garlic everywhere!!

Then there is what I'm calling my 'impatience' bed. So named because I got impatient when things didn't germinate so kept planting more seeds. Consequently after the good rain a month back all kinds of things started growing. So far I've identified beetroot, carrot, welsh onion (seeded from last year) parsnip, garlic, leek and a few turnips! I suspect some of these self-seeded from last year as I certainly wasn't quite that impatient!

I'm so optimistic about my brassicas this year. I managed to get them going at the right time and plant them out at a good time so they are looking very happy. And thanks to the wisdom of Scarecrow, who put me on to net curtain, the seedlings have emerged cabbage moth-grub free! In this bed I have chinese cabbage, Jersey Wakefield cabbage, cauliflower, Green and purple sprouting broccoli, collards, russian red and dwarf blue kale, and some red cabbage.

I haven't forgotten my soil though. The tomato beds have been planted with a mix of clover (dalkeith) and BQ mulch (brassicas) as a green manure crop for the winter. In last season brassica bed I've also planter a green manure crop of broad beans. I'll plant the ones for eating a bit later so they aren't flowering when there is a frost.

And here's the makings of dinner and a large batch of green tomato chutney: baby leeks, rocket, 2 chocolate capsicums, kipfler potatoes, rhubarb, and 4.5kg of green tomatoes I found behind the peach tree!

I'm thinking warm kipfler potato salad with baby leeks and char grilled peppers on a bed of rocket will be oh-so-lovely with our pork chop. Followed by rhubarb crumble and cream. Is it dinner time yet?

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