Thursday, 28 May 2009

Capsicum Harvest

With a long line of frosty mornings ahead, and the soil and air temperature declining into winter, it was time to harvest the capsicums. All up I managed to grow about 3kg. Not spectacular, but about 2.9kg more than last year so I'm going to consider it progress!

This year I interplanted eggplant and capsicum after reading on the web someone else having great success with this method. I'm certainly a convert. Both varieties grew very well, and the plants are still looking healthy even now.

The red and chocolate ones we will enjoy in the next few days - I think I might do stuffed capsicums for dinner tonight - but I'm not sure what's best to do with the green ones. Chop and freeze for winter soups? Roast?

Any suggestions would be most welcome!


elizabeth said...

I always just slice them and freeze them to use on pizzas etc later on!

Margo said...

I've done that with most of them - seemed the easiest thing!

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