Sunday, 17 May 2009

A-line skirt heaven

I have a confession to make.

I'm a Trinny and Susannah disciple - '"the rules" changed the way I shop for clothes (well, most of the time) and almost make clothes shopping fun.


However, I have an almost constant dilemma. T&S say A-line skirts are my friends - and I also like wearing them in winter and feel good in them. I bought one in the UK about 7 years ago from Fat Face, but it's just about to give up after years of faithful and almost constant service. So I need a new skirt (or two).

But alas they are almost never in fashion, and therefore never available anywhere within cooee. And the older and grumpier I get the less inclined I am to pay out lots of $ on something that doesn't fit quite right and doesn't really suit me. Plus I have loads of "grown up" city clothes that just sit in my cupboard as I never need to get that dressed up anymore. But I don't want to live in jeans (I'm not a big fan of trousers).

The solution - learn to sew, and make my own skirts.

The problem - I hate sewing.

The even better solution - get my mum to make them for me!


My mum used to make all my clothes (waaaaaaaaaay back) and her own too, and in spite of increasing hand problems she still sews like a champion. A trip to Spotlight and about $100 later I have 3 new skirts just the way I like them, and a pinafore style dress.

Good on ya mum........

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earthmotherwithin said...

It is hard to find classic styles in clothing, and even harder to get ones which are well made. I have taken to buying my skirts from the shops that sell corporate uniforms, as they are so well made and even come in different lengths. The basic pieces don't have any corporate logos or anything and are all wonderfully lined and even have pockets!
I don't make my clothes -but it is great that you have a mother who can!

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