Thursday, 29 January 2009

Summer garden update

It's been a strange summer so far. Things that went great guns last year (beans, beetroot, carrot) aren't happening at all, tomatoes are late, and the leafy greens don't really want to grow. In spite of that, there is some action in the garden.

L: Tomatoes, and the corn and pumpkin patch | R: Carrots gone to seed are still attracting lots of good bugs

L: Zucchini(courgette) and baby squash seem to love the no-dig patch | R: View to the fruit cage. The mid season raspberries are ripening nicely

A couple of chilli plants look promising

First cucumber (lebanese mini muncher), and first rattlesnake bean (french)

I interplanted eggplant and capsicums (peppers) this year after reading they go well together - and after a slow start they are taking off. We even have our first peppers forming (Italian fryers by the looks of them)

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