Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Feeling hot hot hot

and it aint going to get any better in the next few days. I will be hiding in the house with all the curtains drawn as per usual. It feels a bit like a cave, but at least it's a reasonably comfortable cage. I seal off the parts of the house not in use. I'll be trying to leave the living area air conditioner off as much a as possible. I can normally manage until about 4pm when the house normally tips over the 30 degree mark, and then I have to relent for an hour to get the temp back to 27 or so.

Fingers crossed everyone is sensible and we have no fires this week.

Wednesday Sunny Sunny
19 / 40°C
Thursday Sunny Sunny
23 / 41°C
Friday Sunny Sunny
23 / 41°C
Saturday Sunny Sunny
22 / 41°C
Sunday Possible thunderstorm Possible thunderstorm
22 / 37°C
Monday Late shower Late shower
20 / 36°C
Tuesday Sunny Sunny
20 / 35°C

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