Thursday, 8 January 2009

Berry Update

This is our astounding berry harvest tally - and it's not over yet, as the blackberries are still ripening!
  • 27kg (yes, that's right, 27 kilograms) of brambleberries, still more to pick
  • 4.5 kg redcurrants (finished for the season)
  • 1.1 kg blackcurrants (finished for the season)
  • 2.5kg raspberries - and more coming along
  • 2.7kg boysenberries (just about finished for the season)
I have berries in our freezer and berries in mum's freezer. We have berries on our cereal every morning. I have also made 50 jars of various berry jam and jelly, 4 litres of brambleberry cordial, 1 litre of brambleberry gin (no idea how it will turn out but what the heck!) and even 4 large jars of brambleberry and apple chutney.

Soon I may just turn into a berry!


Anonymous said...


Are your blackberries wild or planned/cultivated?

Regards, Gary

Margo said...

Hi Gary - the blackberries were planned (thornless variety, bought from a nursery)

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