Sunday, 12 February 2012

Solar update - first full bill

A few weeks ago we received out first bill where we'd had solar on the roof for the entire period. We were $170 in credit, which is nice!

For the stats geeks out there:
  • from our 3kw system we exported 823 kWh of energy over the 94 day billing period - almost 9 per day. We got paid 60c per kWh for these. 
  • In that same period we generated 1922 kWh - or an average of 13 per day.
  • Average daytime consumption is 4kWh - although this obviously varies. 
  • Our average daily buy-in from the grid was 7.6 kWh of premium (ie peak energy), and 6 kWh of super saver energy (hot water only, and not many baths were had in Oct-Jan, so you see why we need to get a new hot water service at some point!!)
  • We're on a green power tariff, so some of our savings went on that extra cost, otherwise our bill would have been over 200 in credit.
  • The minimum power produced by our panels since they were installed is 2kWh, and the maximum has been 16.
  • By using the solar power during the day (av 4 kWh) we've saved $64, plus the power that the panels have generated has more than paid for the bill, with some credit to store over for winter, when there will be less sunshine.
  • With savings and power generation payments, we've "paid off" about 5% of our outlay in this 3 month period.
All in all a good start!

How about you - do you have panels? How are they performing?


Thattatgirl said...


Nicole said...

we have a 3kw system [16 panels] & they are usually great but we have had nothing but rain here for pretty much all of summer

SonjaV said...

I installed a 1kW system around 3 years ago and haven't paid an electricity bill since. 1kw is tiny these days, but with care on my part it still generates enough to cover my needs plus giving me a small $30-$40 credit each quarter. I'm in SE Qld.

Margo said...

@ Nicole - how disappointing!

Q Sonja - that must be a great feeling!

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