Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Saving over $2k without even realising it

Wow. Sometimes it really does pay to pause and reflect. Over the weekend I updated my harvest tally for the  2011-12 season, and came to the staggering conclusion that even this early into the season we have grown over $2000 worth for fruit and veg!! I have weighed recorded almost everything we grow (minus what I eat in the garden , and herbs and leafy greens). On Sunday I did some online research and put per kg prices for the equivalent organic item next to everything and added it up - $2047. And that's probably a bit higher as I didn't weigh or include all the lemons and limes.


Now, the bulk of that - a staggering $1450 - was for the berries and currants - which have an average organic retail price of $52 per kilo  (assuming you can even get them - and I suspect the redcurrants and blackcurrants would be more as they are harder to pick)

It really is quite sobering to see how much all that produce is worth - we tend to take it for granted a bit. In  some ways it is a paper only saving - we'd never actually spend that much on berries if we had to buy them - we'd just be going without. But either way, it has been an interesting exercise.


greenfumb said...
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greenfumb said...

Well done, I do envy you all those berries.

Did you count up the cost of all the jars of preserves you made as well? i think I saved a fortune on passata.

cathy@home said...

And growing your own food doesnt matter how big or small the harvest is priceless.
Well don on your harvest.

Joyfulhomemaker said...

growing our own food allows us a higher standard of living

Dmarie said...

oh, WOW!!

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