Thursday, 9 February 2012

Independence Day Challenge 10/2

Plant something: Rocket, welsh red onions, daikon raddish, kale. Also transplanted cabbage, cauliflower, and kale seedlings into bigger grow-on pots

Harvest something: Tomatoes, beans, silverbeet, cabbage, plums, herbs, courgettes, runner beans

Preserve something: Bottled peaches and apricots from a local orchard and plums from home. Also dried apricots in the dehydrator.

Waste not: Fed food scraps to the worms and chickens

Want not: Preserved fruit for winter - Mmmm plum crumble and apricot pie :-). Plus stored the dried beans form the scarlet runners to use in stews.

Eat the Food: All the harvested food from above - plus home made blackcurrant jam, and using last year's honey pickled jalapeƱos (YUM) on Saturday night's pizza

Build community food systems: Shopped at the local farmer's market, and went to local orchard to buy fruit.

Skill up: Got a place on a Masters course - which (if I finish it!) will give me more local employment opportunities / flexibility. Probably a broad definition of skill up, but hey ho !!

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