Saturday, 4 February 2012

Independence days challenge

A number of bloggers seem to be running challenges this year around simple living, and as I'm as susceptible to a trend as the next person I thought I'd join in Sharon's independence days challenge. It seemed appropriate as I was given the book for my birthday. Basically each Friday (although given the time difference I might be able to sneak it to Saturday!) I'll be posting an update of what I have managed to achieve in the week in the following areas:

Plant something:
Harvest something:
Preserve something:
Waste not:
Want Not:
Eat the Food:
Build community food systems:
Skill up: 

I think this kind of thing is a great idea to help focus on what you have managed to do, rather than all the things that haven't been achieved.

For more details on Sharon's challenge check out the blog link above. Or for a local version try Christine's slow living month-by-month.

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