Saturday, 29 January 2011

Garden update

Plum, peach and nectarine
I can't believe we still have green grass in late january! Plus sweet potato (my first attempt at growing these - might not be hot enough this year), borlotti beans and capsicum
Roma tomatoes, beans, nasturtium and basil. There is also a cucumber in there somewhere. Zebra beans climbing over the fruit cage, and chillis.
The passionfruit is looking a lot happier this year, and has even had a few flowers. I've also started off my autumn brassicas (collards, red and green and Chinese cabbage, and kale)
I'm delighted that the elderberries we planted a few months ago are doing quite well. All have flowered and we even have some berries!
Lucky chick contemplates the sunflower - probably wondering how long it will take the seeds to appear :-). The old apple tree is groaning with apples - even the marauding rosellas and parrots can't keep up!
 This is the first year we've been here when here has been so much rain and it has really made an enormous difference - although I'm very happy we have raised beds!


HAZEL said...

It looks like the garden of Eden. Keep away from those apples, you hear?

Dmarie said...

wow, wow, I am truly WOWED by your garden. makes me long for spring even more!

Margo said...

LOL @ Hazel - that will be easy as the parrots eat them all

Thanks Dmarie

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