Friday, 4 February 2011

Birds of a feather

This post is for the twitchers amongst you (bird watchers) (yes papa Jerry I am talking to you!). A wedge-tailed eagle family resting in the tree in the paddock next to ours. Not the best quality photo but I used a compact digital camera held to binoculars to take it  :-). This pair live in the bush somewhere near by, and several times in the past weeks we've seen them low over the house and paddocks spiralling to catch the thermals. Judging by the squawking on this occassion I think they might have been taking junior on a training flight.

But even better, last year on a holiday to Jervis Bay (South of Sydney) I saw this marvellous creature not once but 3 times. On one occassion I even had my camera out and ready as he/she flew in from the sea, and overhead only about 3m and about 5m in front of me. Just magic! It's a white bellied sea eagle. Later that same day we were sitting on a beach when one (maybe the same one) flew right past us along the waterline and went for a fish!


HAZEL said...

I love eagles! I mean who wouldn't...unless you were some little furry or feathered prey type animal. I saw three soaring high over the valley the other day...there are usually only two. So I was thinking it was Junior having a fly with Mum and Dad. Must be that time of the year.

Dmarie said...

camera held to, I'd never have thought such a thing would work. well done!

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