Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Homegrown chilli powder - a revelation

Last year we had a bumper crop of small thai chillies - called purple tiger. The dried very well in the dehydrator, and then I put the jars in the cupboard and I'm embarrassed to say forgot about them !

Last week I needed some chilli powder and didn't have any ...until I remembered these dried chillies. So into the spice blender attachment of the kenwood they went and a few seconds later voila, home made chilli powder.

What a flavour revelation!! The powder is HOT, so you don't need much, but it is a flavoursome hot. It's not a "hit over the head with a 2x4" kind of all heat that some commercial chilli powders are. It has a depth and character - almost a fruity heat. Just fabulous. I can grind just enough to last a month or so and always have fresh chilli powder.

What's even better -with another 2 jars in the cupboard I won't run out anytime soon! I have also dried some jalapenos so I will be interested to make some powder from them to compare.

btw the spice storage containers (right pic) I have are from Tablefare and I love them! Jerry found them for me as a Christmas present and they have been brilliant. They come from the US, but the lovely Tablefare people shipped them over for Jerry specially (we were their first Australian order) and he said they were a pleasure to deal with.  With the Aussie dollar so strong against the US dollar I'm seriously considering getting a few more.


Anne said...

I'll have to try that, still have chilli's that I dried last summer, thanks for the idea.

Anonymous said...

Our Purple tiger Chilli looks a lot like the one growing in my flower garden called chili pequin (capsicum annuum). I have been told they are VERY HOT. One day I will be brave enough to test that. Emily

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