Friday, 22 July 2011

Drowning in citrus...

Our lemon and lime trees are groaning with their second crop of citrus for the year - must be all that rain. So this weekend I will be making pickle and marmalade...and then a bit more marmalade.

I started the lime pickle tonight, but there are still enough limes in the basked for a couple of batches of marmalade.....and plenty more on the tree! 1kg of limes makes about 10 jars of marmalade.

I couldn't resist buying a couple of kilos of Seville oranges in the greengrocer's. They make the best marmalade, so I will be whipping up a batch of whiskey Seville marmalade this weekend. This afternoon one of our friends dropped by with a huge bag of tangelos and some mandarins and lemonade lemons. So that's the juice and snacks taken care of.
 These are 7 year bean seeds (scarlet runner beans) - aren't they pretty? Anyone want some?
What are your kitchen plans for the weekend?


dixiebelle said...

Ooh, love lime pickle, how lucky to have such citrus loveliness!

Mrs Bok - The Bok Flock said...

Your citrus must love the wet! Mine don't like it I don't think...I love lime pickle!

Anonymous said...


So nice to drop by your blog, it's so lovely to visit you. I bought some fresh peas from the farmers' markets on Saturday. So, as it's winter I did the following two dishes:
1. Sautee potatoes, bacon, peas, fetta Mmmmmmm
2. Fried bacon, with fritters of pea, fetta and dijon. Mmmmm also.

I gardened to hell and back if you want to know what else I did! Have a lovely week, Viv

Dmarie said...

ooh, love the looks of those limes. Here in western Kentucky, I just finished off tonight a Swiss chard quiche that I'd made over the weekend. boy, do I love the garden season!

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