Sunday, 24 October 2010

Springtime in the garden

Look at all that lovely green!
 Late broad beans (as in I planted them late!) and garlic, with a giant red mustard plant going to seed in the corner, and the struggling passionfruit vine on the concrete tank. The kipfler potatoes are coming along nicely.

 Looks like another bumper year for raspberries, and the violas are out an looking lovely

 Jerry scored a kitchen tap from a work colleague, so he incorporated it into my garden sink and connected it to the tap so now I can wash my veges there mush more easily. The wash water and dirt drains into a bucket and then goes back onto the garden. Clever Jerry!

I used our electric mulcher to mulch up old / gone to seed vegetable matter that the chickens don't eat  (eg turnips, carrots, broccoli stems) to add back into the garden beds. Our local greengrocer does this in his garden and swears by it so I thought why not?! It's best to let the wetter vegetables dry out for a few days first or they clog the mulcher (as I discovered!). This does seem to really encourage the worms, particularly if the bed is damp and you dig th eveg matter in and then cover with straw or other mulching material
 Seedlings in the greenhouse are coming along as well. Rockmellon seeds I received in a swap - they were home saved and they all germinated!!! Very impressed with my swap buddy's seed saving skills.

 This years tomatoes, peppers, chillies, eggplants are coming along. I've also decided to start off some pumpkins in the greenhouse. I know it's not ideal, but this will give me an extra month of growing which might mean we get a decent crop this year. I planted a lot of home saved chilli and capsicum seeds and they have germinated well so I'm pretty happy with that.

Happiness is a full water tank (the red marker near the ladder shows the height of the water) - in fact it's overflowed a few times, even after we pumped water to the 2 hill tanks (which are also now full). It will be quite a while before we need to resort to bore water  - even in the garden.


Phoebe said...

Isnt it great to have had so much rain!! The germinating seeds look great! im waiting to put my tomatoes and eggplants in soon and i can hardly wait!! YAY SPRING!

Margo said...

oh yeah, we're loving it - and so are the plants - good luck with your 3 sisters bed - mine was a failure last year!

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