Saturday, 9 October 2010

A couple of easy dinners

I'm still feeling a bit time poor - but here are a couple of this week's easy and low-fuss dinners

Okonomiyaki - a japanese savoury pancake (I posted the recipe here last year). This time I used leftover lamb as the meat (optional), kale, carrot and chinese cabbage.  IT was a bit big to turn over all in one piece alas! Served with sweet chilli sauce. Lovely. Took 20 minutes from start to finish including all the prep (which takes about 5 mins). Added bonus-  all veg came from the garden, and the lamb was local too.

Last night I made a burrito style dish with chicken, asparagus and red pepper cooked with some taco seasoning mix from screaming seeds. Served in a spelt burrito with a spread of cream cheese and some chopped tomato. Also not bad :-)
Tonight it's fish and home made chips followed by brambleberry semifredo (if it works I'll post the recipe!)


greenfumb said...

I love Okonomiyake, we used to have lots of Japanese students staying with us and I always conned them into making it. My favourite is with prawns and cabbage.

Margo said...

I'm not hugely keen on prawns (hard to get fresh ones here) but I can imagine it woudl be nice. I love it with home made bacon YUM.

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