Wednesday, 27 January 2010


No, no, I haven't been hitting the wine least not this early in the day  :) We had the water tank installed today!

At 6:15am it looked like this .... just a pile of nicely compacted sand

At 6:30am the truck arrived. Who would have thought it would all fit on such a small vehicle?! It's hard to see $9,500 in it, isn't it?

And then away they went. It was all over by 11:30am.

And here's the "action" side  - ladder, hatch, and all the inlet and outlets. We're just filling to the warranty required level from the bore for now, until we get the gutters plumbed in, the pump moved and the piping sorted.

The nice thing is that I can now say with some degree of truth that I have a water view from my kitchen window!!


Kirsty said...

t all fitted on that little truck! Does it have a liner? Lets hope it rains and rains now...well once you have the gutters plumbed in LOL!!! Looks great!

Kirsty said...

Not sure what happened to the first sentence? Was something like this. Wow amazing how it all fitted on that little truck!

Anonymous said...

WOOHOO Bloody Marvellous guys!

Did the Green Loan folks give you choices for how to spend the dosh?
Did they give you a list of all the items they see fit and you choose which to get?
Can you get solar panels/wind turbine with it? Can you use the 10k and add your own $$$ to it to get a more expensive item?

Thanks, Tully

Anonymous said...

Oh, and can you claim the water tank rebate as well?? If so you could pay it off the loan or buy chocolate I guess ;-))

Margo said...

Thanks Kirsty! Looking forward to the rainy season this year, that's for sure.

Indeedy Tully. YEs we had a list of 10 things on our assessment that were our "eligible items" PVs were part of that as well, but we decided the water was more important so we went with that. We could, however, have used the loan to get a new low-flush loo, new fridge and better window insulation if we wanted.

You can add your own $$ (although technically the green loan money is your own $$ too LOL) - we will probably have forked out an additional $5k by the time we factor in the site prep work, trenching, plumbing in the gutters and putting leaf guard on all the gutters.

Alas we're not eligible for tank rebates because we're not on town water. Go figure!!!

Margo said...

PS Yup Kirsty it has a liner, but didn't get a photo of that

Tully said...

Thanks for the info Margo, very interesting!
I hope it p*sses down real soon ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wow, its huge. Did they supply boogie boards for the occasional dip! Kirsty W

Jerry said...

Alas no boogie board although they did give us a very impressive extremely mini water tank for use as a stubby holder!
Seeing as the tank also has an entrance hatch on top and a ladder there is no reason why we couldn't use it as our new swimming pool (although whether I'd want to use it for drinking water afterwards....

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