Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The new pantry is taking shape

This morning there was a lot of measuring, and dragging out all my kitchen gear to work out shelf spacing. I think Dave is actually a bit frightened by all my kitchen bits and pieces. He was certainly looking at me a bit strangely after the first 15 mins. LOL. However it will be great to have proper shelves to store the canner, dehydrator and fowlers unit as well as places to put the flour bins.

The "canning cupboard" (left pic) will store all the canning and preserving bits and pieces, as well as most of the empty jars (and probably some full ones in peak canning season). On the right will be the double-door pantry (with a wall down the middle so I can squeeze in a few more shelves!) which will store everyday food supplies, as well as jams, chutneys and more canned items. There will be a mix of full and half width shelves, to make the most of the space (this will make more sense when you see a pic)
Tomorrow it's insulation, plasterboard, and more shelf batons........

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