Sunday, 6 December 2009

What's happening in the garden?

Summer already! It's hard to believe, although thankfully in the last few weeks the weather has been more springlike with mid 20s and lovely cool mornings and evenings.

I've harvested the garlic, and the 'good bug mix' flowers are coming along really well in the orchard.

We wont be short of berries this year, and we harvested 1.8kg of redcurrants yesterday.........

Yacon and oca, with lettuce and giant red mustard going to seed in the background. The violas look pretty under the peach tree.

Potatoes, capsicum and eggplant, and a costa romanesque courgette

It's been a great year for sugar snap and snow peas, and the rest of the potatoes are storming along

The tomatoes look great, and the first fruits are forming on them.

I'm hopeful for my bean crop this year - I've planted scarlet runner, several climbing varieties, as well as a number of bush varieties for fresh and drying. So far so good!  I've also let some carrots go to seed again this year as they did wonders in attracting beneficial insects last year, as well as looking pretty. The seed seems to be viable as well, as we're had carrots popping up in all sorts of interesting places  this year :)


greenfumb said...

Somehow I lost your blog off my list when I revamped earlier in the year, just found it by accident.

I was thinking about you yesterday, trying to remember who recommended the rattlesnake beans to me and it was you Margo - I wanted to thank you, they are easy to grow, prolific and taste far better than the Blue Lake or the Lazy Housewife.


Margo said...

HI Greenfumb,

So glad you have success with the rattlesnake beans. I have to agree they are the tastiest beans and seem to be idiot proof and easier to grow than the other varieties. Don't forget to save some seeds for next year :)

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