Saturday, 12 December 2009

Kitchen Capers

Today I harvested the last of the garlic - in all we have about 120 bulbs - so 2 per week if I can make them last for a year. I might preserve a bit, but for now we're enjoying fresh home grown garlic again after several months absence. Needless to say I am de-LIGH-ted  (with apologies to Dave Gorman).

Elsewhere in the harvest department I turned 500g of raspberries Jerry picked today into jam, and also made another batch of apricot chutney (local fruit). I've also started reading my new book, healthy artisan bread in 5 mins a day, and I have made my first batch of dough - we'll see how it goes. It's certainly rising nicely at the moment.

Last, but not least I have 1kg of blackcurrants that Jerry also picked simmering on the stove. I'll make blackcurrant jelly tomorrow. Yum.


Aussiemade said...

Hi I too have been harvesting my garlic. Just remember to keep some cloves to plant for next year. I am very happy with my harvest, not 100% but about 88% so that was brilliant considering all the rain we had here.

Kirsty said...

Wow Margo! You been busy!! I'm off to make the bread now.

louise bailey said...

Hi Papercityquilts here, I am finally able to do the things i have dreamt about while stuck in a building.
Please tell me if the blackberry weed is edible, some say yes some say no.
I am passionate about cooking and preserving and today made 6 bottle of bread and butter cucmbers, yesterday home grown strawberries into 8 bottles of beautiful ruby red jam, Am I allowed to say how proud I am of these little jars.
Looking forward to many more interesting things on your site, I have started the sourdough bug to make muffins, I am going to try them in the weber bbq and here in qld we run away from hot wood stoves it is tooooooo hot up here.
hope you all have floaties and are coping with the rain, we watch the radar all the time.

Margo said...

Hi Louise,

When you say blackberry weed do you mean blackberries growing by the side of the road? If so I wouldn't as they are often sprayed by councils

But if you grow your own the berries are just fine to eat - although I think brambleberries have a superior flavour

How is your sourdough starter going?? Cooking them in the weber sounds like a great idea.

We don't need floaties yet but we are LOVING all the rain. It is so lovely and green here and there is so much water in the landscape it's fab.

Thanks for stopping by!

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