Sunday, 27 December 2009

Practical Presents

I hope everyone had a happy Christmas. Here at M&Js it was a quiet day, but there were some lovely practical presents to enjoy.

My obsession with kitchenware seems to provide and endless supply of gift possibilities. This year I received something I've been wanting for a long time - a maslin pan. It's pan made just for making jams and chutneys, with a wide mouth to speed evaporation. I am delighted!! Here it is getting it's first workout (rhubarb and berry jam).  Even after boiling the jam the handles were cool enough to hold without gloves, and you can easily pour straight into jars when bottling. This will be a much used item in Margo's kitchen !

Can you believe mama and papa Jerry bought this out in their luggage from the UK?!!

I also received a lovely new 11L stockpot to use for cheesemaking (and stock of course) and a new saute pan.

Of course, no Chirstmas would be complete without some new recipe books. I received the River Cottage bread book (looks brilliant - I've read most of it already!), Nigel Slater's new vegetable book (I'm drooling over his lovely bordered veg patch), and the book from the BBC TV series grow your own drugs, which also looks great at first glance - at last something useful to do with all those St John's Wort plants growing like weeds! Keeping an eye on them here is a very funky kitchen timer my friend Lucy sent me.

It wasn't all garden though - check out my new boot-wellies!

Jerry didn't miss out though - he got a scythe! Once he's learnt how to use it I'll have my very own grim reaper  LOL

My sister-in-law clearly has a sense of humour, as she sent us these:

and finally for the last word in cute, check out my mum's puppy (a miniature schnauzer). He's not a real dog, of course (how small!!), but he is cute.....


Debbie said...

Margo i love the jam pan I have my mothers old one (think it is copper or brass) but very heavy and well used. The wellies are very nice, you have done well for christmas

E said...

Lurve the boots

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