Friday, 23 October 2009

Random snippets from the last week

Found a great frame at the tip which will be perfect for frost or shade protection, and admired the red giant mustard and darwin lettuce

Finished mulching the permablitz garden paths - those cornflowers are about ready to come out.

Made shadecloth covers for the 2 potato beds in case we get frost in the next few weeks, plus admired the peas and heartsease..oh and the garlic!

Jerry making time for a belly rub......

And this week I also decided that a career as an arbourist is NOT for me....this is why:

Yes, that is a chainsaw dangling from his belt as he's hanging about up in the tree!

1 comment:

Kelly the City Mouse said...

Hey there, my long lost blog friend! I hope you're doing famously and don't hate me for vanishing from the net for such a long time. I was wondering when you're headed to Kangaroo Island, if you're not already there? Looks like we're going for my birthday, later this month and I'm sooo psyched.

Hugs from Adelaide,

-Kelly the City Mouse

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