Sunday, 11 October 2009

Mulch is mulch is better

I'm so tired I can hardly type! This weekend was the first of two free green waste weekends at our local tip. As it normally costs us $10-15 per trailer (DON'T get me started on that...) this is an opportunity too good to pass up, particularly with fire season just around the corner. So we've been tidying and raking and trailering almost all weekend. That's a lot of effort for two fundamentally lazy people!

As well as free green waste they have free mulch. It's not good enough to use on the garden, but perfect for in between the garden beds and the fruit cage. We've shovelled another 5 trailer loads this weekend and finished the fruit cage...and started on the permablitz garden. As you can see from the image below (taken almost at ground level) it's a nice thick layer...

I also planted some irises in a hole left by one of the citrus we moved a few weeks ago, and in the other citrus hole I planted some green rhubarb that I traded for some red rhubarb with someone at Jerry's work.

I did take a moment to admire the signs of spring in the garden..bluebells, and leaves appearing on the fig tree.

And there are potatoes shooting, and the bay tree looks happy in it's new pot

Finally, it was time to pick some veg for dinner. White carrots in the front, with beetroot and parsnip, and purple sprouting broccoli and mint in the basket. Perfect with a rack of lamb (farm grown farm killed) roast and gravy.

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