Monday, 20 July 2009

Waxed and ready to age

The first batch of Warrigunyah farmhouse cheddar waxed and ready to age in the cheese fridge.

First tasting in about 4 weeks....fingers crossed!


lyrebird said...

looks wonderful! and i do enjoy your blog. so much so that i have put a link to yours from mine. i hope you don't mind. we are about to embark on the permaculture development of a 40 acre property on the midnorth coast of nsw. my blog for this is and i'm sure we will be referring to you for advice from time to time. thanks and best wishes, kate

imack said...

Margo and Jerry,
Where is your interesting 'Good Life' located? Found your blog when looking up bottling tomatoes and pasta sauce.

Thanks for all the valuable info.


Margo said...

Thanks for stopping by Ihian. We live in North East Victoria, in Australia.

Happy bottling and sauce making - home made tomato sauce is the best!

Margo said...

Thanks for your lovely comments Kate - 40 acres!!!!!!! you are brave!!

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