Sunday, 26 July 2009

Another weekend in the garden

It's been another busy weekend here at "Good Life Central". On Saturday morning our sustainability group had a fruit tree pruning workshop. Luckily it was just down the road so we jumped on our bikes, hooked up the doggies, and let them barrel down the road. Great exercise for them, not much peddling required from us.....although the same can't be said for the way home, which is slightly uphill. Pulling a 42kg dog is a lot less fun than being pulled by one!

On Sunday we started roofing the new chicken run. The wire is deliberately loose to discourage the foxes from climbing on it. We also chose aviary wire so we can be sure the only birds we are feeding with the chicken food are our chickens.

We also started moving the tyres from the veg patch to secure the extra fence we have along the ground outside the new run (to stop foxes digging under). The tyres will be filled with soil and compost, and the plan is to grow sunflowers and maybe a few pumpkins in them. Should look great come summer.

Finally we moved a couple of 1/2 wine barrels that we weren't using up to the front of the house and planted a dwarf nectarine (moved from another area of the garden) and a white genoa fig that I got on sale yesterday for $9.95. Result! I used a stone mulch to tie in with the rest of the garden bed (and to deter the chickens while they are still roaming free)

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Anonymous said...

Just a thought, I felt I'd like to warn you how much white ants love wine barrels! From experience, maybe too close to house! Hope this helps. Mine were even put on bricks and they still got them.

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