Monday, 22 June 2009

Tackling Tricky Trees

Apart from the tree that dropped a limb on Jerry's nearly finished chicken coop, we had a few other trees causing us problems. So this weekend we took care of them...with a little help form a man with a chainsaw!

Tree number 1 was a 7/8 dead gum tree near the house (seen in the pic on the left). Loads of deadwood and dead leaves it would have burned a treat in a down it came. Next year's firewood!

Next to go was a large tree that was also 1/2 dead and riddled with borers. It was amazing to see all those perfect holes in the trunk and branches. This has also cleared a larger open space to plant more fruit trees... and left a nice stump for sitting on :)

As the weather was favourable (cold, damp, low wind) Jerry spent the next 2 days burning off the small dead wood and branches from this tree. Each night the rain would come and do a great job of damping down for us. We have also saved a few long straight branches to use in the coop.

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