Monday, 8 June 2009

(Almost) gone in 5 seconds

Remember Jerry's fab new chicken coop? It looked like this...

And now thanks to a very large tree limb it looks like this

There are only 3 good things to be said really:
  • Jerry wasn't working in there at the time (but had been 2 hours earlier)
  • All but one of the timber poles of the coop don't need to be replaced
  • It didn't take out the existing coop and fox-proof area
It did however KO the fence that we'd just had repaired after another limb incident, and much of the support wire that we did on the weekend, and most of the tin roof pieces and part of the back will have to be replaced...


And as the fence is no longer rabbit proof I hope no bunnies find their way into the vege patch before we can get a friend to chainsaw the tree tomorrow so it can be moved.


Scarecrow said...

Argh! Margo
After all that great work too!
Glad Jerry was safely out of the way.

Margo said...

me too - as he has to sharpen my garden tools following Doc's excellent tutorial! :)

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