Friday, 3 April 2009

I love a good storm

By a good storm I mean one that has lots of thunder and lightning and rain. Particularly the rain part. We often have great storms here in summer but they invariably have lots of lightning and no rain. A BAD combination in fire season.

However today we had a doozie of a storm. It went on for about an hour - lightning (fork and sheet), seemingly never ending thunder, and about 5 mm of rain. More would have been better, but hey, I'm not going to complain :)

I sat out on the back verandah with the hounds (who are not the least bit perturbed by storms) and watched the show - after turning off and unplugging all electrical appliances, phones and dog fences, of course!

I caught a snippet on camera - even managed to get some lightning - so you can enjoy a bit of the show - just love the combined sound of thunder in the heavens and rain in the gutters.


Kelly the City Mouse said...

How awesome! I'm so jealous. I've not seen a good crash-bang downpour in over a year and miss that rainy-day part of U.S. life very very much.

I hope your autumn plantings didn't suffer too much from the torrential rains!

Margo said...

Alas the rains were anything but torrential - in other areas close by they got a lot more rain and had overflowing gutters etc, but here it was just a respectable dampness :(

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