Friday, 17 April 2009

Dinner Winner

I was feeling pretty uninspired about dinner yesterday, however, the huge field mushrooms in our local greengrocer gave me an idea - stuffed mushrooms. They turned out rather well, so I thought I would pass on the recipe. Once again this is more a guide than hard and fast rules, as I just made this one up!
  • goats cheese feta (but you could use ricotta - the feta was what was in the fridge)
  • ham - I used 1 thickish slice
  • labna - home made yoghurt cheese (here's my recipe)
  • za'atar - a mediterranean thyme-like herb I have growing
  • sun dried tomatoes (home grown from last year, rehydrated for about 20 mins in hot water)
Turn on the oven to 200 celsius. Chop the ham, tomato, feta and za'atar, and add enough labna to bind together in a gloopy paste :) . You could use an egg if you prefer but I didn't have one. I also added in the mushroom stalks, chopped up.

Brush the musrooms with olive oil on both sides, and place on a baking tray, underside facing up. Mound up the mixture on each mushroom, and then pop in the over for 15 - 20 minutes.

Serve with a garden salad...

Some oil (local lime infused olive oil from EV Olives) and balsamic, and a nice glass of red wine (local, organic from Pennyweight in handy recyclable bottles).

And as the oven is on you might as well make some baked apples for dessert! Our apples are the honeycrisp variety (DIVINE) from a local orchard.
  • Core the apples and place in a baking dish
  • Stuff with a mix of brown sugar and sultanas
  • Pour over a splash of port (Pennyweight again!)
  • Add a knob of butter to the top
Turn down the oven to about 180 and bake until done (maybe 30 - 40 mins...I wasn't counting!). Serve with cream, ice cream or custard. Or, if you're Jerry, have all 3!!

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Kelly the City Mouse said...

Oh YUM to the port with apples... never would've thought of that!

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