Saturday, 5 May 2007

Rainy days in May

FANTASTIC!! We have had some rain - over a few days even. Because we're about the only people within 500 klm without a rain guage I can't tell you how much we received, but the ground is still damp 2 days leter, which is great.

Unfortunately one bit of rain was preceeded by a severe storm, and we had a direct lightning strike to the substation power pole in the paddock. Bye bye 2 light globes, modem, and one of our phone sockets. We were also without power for 7 hours....and with no power we have no water (as no pumps to pump it from the tank). It's times like these you realise how addicted to power (ie the Internet!!) you really are.

But $150 later we have a new modem, and we'll get around to getting the phone socket/cabling replaced sometime...

I've created a flikr account for our photos for those of you that want less words and more PIKCHURES (yes, Artmummy, I AM talking about you). There's a link to the page on the left menu bar under more photos...the address is There are already some photos of our recent mini-break to the alpine region (and yes Anita, even one of both of us!!! but be warned, it's not a glamour shot hahaha)

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