Monday, 23 April 2007

April Garden

We have had some token rain, but not enough to make any real difference to the main dustbowl. Things are getting pretty grim for farmers and growers around here. So far we have water, but no idea for how long, so we are saving as much as possible. All the cold water before the hot comes through in the sink or shower, all rinse water, vege water. We've stopped using the dishwasher and I try to use the washing machine only once a
week. Every little helps (sorry Tescos!).

Jerry has been busy building in the garden. This time it's new garden beds using some pavers we got from one of his work colleagues, plus another rustic gate - this time for the fruit cage

Here are the latest garden pics -
cabbages, broad beans, radishes, turnips etc | tomatoes still ripening | super size me pumpkin!

Tomatoes (Amish Paste) and some Autumn colour in the brown brown garden


pg said...

yes water situation is bad.. didn't know that you guys down sth are experiencing the same thing. Brisbane is up to Lvl 5 water restrictions.. We have just installed a 2500 ltr watertank and it rained all day and it's now full, I was out in the rain with an umbrella watching the water from the roof going into the tank.. For other water saving contribution, whenever we need to do a load of clothes wash, the night before we fill up a bath for Sonya, then Emily gets in and then I, I just have a quick rinse with the shower and then manually empty the lot into our washing machine for the first cycle.. next step is to find a hose that will connect the washing machine outlet onto the garden.. Sydney is not that desperate yet but if we make it part of our lifestyle, we won't even notice it.

nigel said...

Good points PG. Like the water saving idea of using the bath water.
We saw a demonstration last week of an easy and relatively cheap grey water system ($250 but you could easily make it yourself for much less) which is basically a 200 litre old oil drum with a lid and there is a submersible pump inside. The outlet from the washine machine goes in at the top of the drum using old stocking etc to filter the gunge out of the water and then this water can be pumped through a normal garden hose out onto the garden. See this site and click on pumps. Basically the pump has a float attached which turns the pump on and off depending upon whether there is any water in the drum. The guy demonstrating this system explained that the motor on a washing machine isn't that powerful and you run the risk of blowing up the WM motor if you attempt to pump the water further than a couple of metres.
I'm sure Google would bring up some plans on how to build your own.
thanks for visiting. Please call again.

Anonymous said...

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