Friday, 25 May 2007

Garden Update May 25

Thanks to a decent bout of rain in the last week (alas, not a droughtbreaker) things are looking green and lovely.
My winter crop of snow peas has started to shoot - you can see the latest organic slug-busting creation (copper slug rings) in place protecting them - thanks Lucy!
I've planted loads and loads of Garlic - 4 different varieties in all - and some of them are starting to sprout .

I'm onto the third crop of pink radishes, and the autumn raspberries have their last fruit of the season.

Last week I harvested my first crop of golden turnips. I tried braising some, but the best results were in a slow cooked beef casserole. Lovely! This morning's harvest basket contained beetroot and broccoli. The beetroot is going to be roasted with other root veg for dinner, and I've already blanched the broccoli and popped it in the freezer. All in all, a good morning's work.

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