Sunday, 29 January 2012

Zoe's blanket

After 4 months I finally finished the blanket for a recent family addition (not ours!). I actually finished the main blanket part in good time, but then had to teach myself crochet to do some edging and decorative touches - where would we be without YouTube?! So thanks to the KnitWitch and Bobwilson123 for the handy hints!

So I'm proud to present Zoe's pram blanket - made from 100% bamboo using chinese wave stitch for the body, and double, treble and scallop edge crochet.

For my next project I think I'll try a simple dress/jumper as it's called in the US. It will be my first attempt at knitting in the round - could get interesting!

1 comment:

greenfumb said...

That's lovely, I ahve a friend due in feb, I might get busy myself - thanks for the inspiration.

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