Friday, 27 January 2012

Christine's comfrey ointment

Comfrey. Why oh why didn't anyone tell me NOT to plant it anywhere in the garden where you may ever want to grow anything. The stuff is unkillable and I seem to have patches of it everywhere.

So apart from using it as a chook green, and a compost activator, I thought I'd try out an ointment that I saw on Christine's blog. I won't repeat her excellent instructions here - suffice to say it all went according to plan. I've used it a few times on aches and pains (self inflicted at the gym) and it really does seem to work.

Mum is trialling it on her arthritis and aching joints so we'll see how that goes. If you have spare comfrey I highly recommend giving this a go. It doesn't smell brilliant, but it's easy and seems to be effective.

Next time I might put in some lavender for a more pleasant aroma :-)


Zara said...

I've read about Comfrey but am yet to try growing it.
So would you recommend growing it in a pot, seeing as its so persistent in the ground?

Joyfulhomemaker said...

I used some on my daughter foot that has a hair line fracture and it helped greatly ..recently my older daughter got 3 degree burns on her hand and i smother her hand 3 times a day in comfrey ointment,my husband didn't think it would work at all but it healed it so fast

Margo said...

Hi Zara - I'm not sure how well it would go in a pot - a big one would probably be fine. The other option is to grow it somewhere that you can mow over it (it will grow back no dramas) as this will help keep it under control. My mistake was putting it at the end of a garden bed - and of course it now grows into the bed, and it's too close to mow effectively.
And the other thing is it will grow from the smallest root bit so it is very very hard to eradicate once planted...But it is such a useful plant to have around I would certainly grow it again and in the ground - but just somewhere I could mow over it :-)

@joyfulhomemaker - excellent - I think one of it's nick names is knitbone isn't' it? I always reach for the aloe vera

Margo said...

for burns

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