Monday, 18 April 2011

Saturday, 9 April 2011

More preserving and some good neighbours

This morning I cleared out one of the tomato beds - which left me with 10+ kilos of green tomatoes to deal with - so I'm making the first of many batches of green tomato chutney...although it might be ripe tomato chutney by the end of the week! I also made a batch of honey pickled jalapenos - I'll be interested to see how they taste in a few months. There are still more jalapenos on the chilli bushes too.

 A few kilos of ripe tomatoes went into the dehydrator

Last weekend our new neighbour bought over one of his many toys - an hydraulic log splitter. What a great toy!!  In about 1.5 hours we had split and stacked 2 trees worth of wood. Genius!

 Some of this years pumpkin harvest. Yum
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