Saturday, 9 April 2011

More preserving and some good neighbours

This morning I cleared out one of the tomato beds - which left me with 10+ kilos of green tomatoes to deal with - so I'm making the first of many batches of green tomato chutney...although it might be ripe tomato chutney by the end of the week! I also made a batch of honey pickled jalapenos - I'll be interested to see how they taste in a few months. There are still more jalapenos on the chilli bushes too.

 A few kilos of ripe tomatoes went into the dehydrator

Last weekend our new neighbour bought over one of his many toys - an hydraulic log splitter. What a great toy!!  In about 1.5 hours we had split and stacked 2 trees worth of wood. Genius!

 Some of this years pumpkin harvest. Yum

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dixiebelle said...

Awesome pumpkins! Ooh, honey pickled jalapenos... sounds interesting! I am just making some more tomato relish, with cherry tomatoes and the last of some of our 'green' tomatoes (which actually ripened on our back table whilst waiting to be turned into... something!) I am glad for a pantry full of homegrown, homemade tomato products, but I am glad tomato season is over for another year!

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