Monday, 10 October 2011

Quick solar update

On average over the last 2 weeks we've been exporting 10kWh per day - max of 15 and min of 2. In total we've produced 133 kWh in that time, and exported 112 of them. Since the meter has been installed and we've been on the new tariff (2 weeks) we estimate that we're cost neutral one electricity - including the standing charges for just having a power supply. Of course, we have to buy in power at night and for the old hot water service (off peak), but that is a lot cheaper (17c/10c).

We're pretty happy with the results we're getting so far (although of course there's the very large hit of installing the system in the first place) - and the novelty of daily meter readings hasn't worn off yet!!

In other news Freddie has made it his personal mission to flatten out the topsoil on the ex-front garden bed :-)

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