Sunday, 8 August 2010

What I did with Kate's stockings

No, no, this post doesn't need an MA rating LOL. My friend Kate (who really should be my ex-friend Kate as she abandoned me to live in the UK for a few years, which means we lost not only our friends but also our favourite weekender in Melbourne!) gave me all her laddered stockings to use in the garden. I know, she spoilt me!!

Today I used some to start training one of my peach trees
We spent most of the weekend working on a bonfire to burn all the tree branches we had lying around, but we did find time to put in some star posts to support one of the espalier runs, and to plant some chinese cabbage seedlings that have been in the greenhouse a few months (oops).
There is actually quite a bit going on in the garden at the moment, which I'm a bit surprised about, as it's still winter. Some nice cabbages and cauli
Broadbeans and garlic, turnips and some peas just starting
One of the green manure beds (oats, brassicas and clover) and the carrot, dill and cabbage bed
And finally, the jonquils are starting to come out


Anonymous said...

Looks great in your garden! - Envy here as your cabbages look especially good too. Mine are just starting to come out, so still waiting patiently!

Margo said...

Thanks Vivienne - it's certainly been my best year for cabbages!

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