Saturday, 20 February 2010

You say tomato, I many tomatoes?

The answer is 15.4kg so far, give or take a few hand picked numbers. In fact a quick stroll around the garden yielded 6.3kg tomatoes for today, 700g cucumber, 3.5kg courgette (one weighed 1.4kg!!) and 2kg eggplant. Which explains why my benches look like this :
I also put most of the remaining plums and damsons in the steam juicer and made juice. Not sure if I will use it to make jelly or cordial so I've just bottled it for now.
So far this year the main harvest looks like this:
  •  15.4kg tomatoes
  • 6.3kg eggplant
  • 5.5kg raspberries
  • 4.1kg courgette
  • 4kg brambleberries
  • 2kg potatoes (but loads more still in the ground)
  • 1.8kg redcurrants
  • 1kg cucumber
  • a few chilli and capsicum
  • loads of rocket :-)


susan.anderson4 said...

Hello Margo, Looks like a wonderful harvest! I expect your house guests will help you eat some of it! I am Jennifer's sister Susan in Scotland and I have read your blog a few times on her recommendation, I think it's great. Hello to J, R, J & B, Susan x

Aussiemade said...

Hi Margo what a abundant harvest congratulations! Your eggplants look so lovely. Mine are flowering, as to are my zucchinis for some reason all my vegies are very behind.
You must feel so proud of your success and what an inspiration.

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